Basic elements of a complex project - time, money, scope and people - is one of the jobs of aproject manager. Business Management software is an essential tool for managing the unexpected obstacles project managers can face on a daily basis.Here is an overview of the top challenges that without Business Management Software.

Managing projects of all sizes and levels of complexities are part of business, but completing the project on time and delivering is a major concern. Project managers face challenges on a daily basis: a new issue, assigning the task to a team, a concern with resource scheduling there. It’s just part of the job, and for many, sorting out problems is one of the highlights of this varied role.


Common problem without Business Management software

  • The Project Doesn’t Start On Time

When starting a new project, there are chances to delay the start of the project but you need to take on the work when you can get it if you won’t be able to start all of your projects on time as you promised. Maybe tomorrow a different project becomes more important.

The most important thing project manager need do something to jump-start the project even if it’s in a really small way. Discuss with your team to set a more realistic timeframe for the first milestone. Project Manager needs to communicate very clearly how that alters things moving forward. Be sure to let them know exactly how this change affects the completion date of future milestones.

  • Using the wrong tool for the job

Most of the companies are managing their projects using desktop software applications like Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel. The top challenge with using the desktop application to manage projects that these applications were not designed for collaboration among project teams. At worst, the file is shared by emailing the file to all parties on the team. At best, the document file may be posted on a network or on an extranet and shared from there.

One another major issue with using desktop applications is that the minute they are mailed to the project team, the project data is outdated. So, the information is not available in real-time. Some Projects are inherently dynamic efforts that change by the hour and sometimes minute.

A Project management platform  that is 100% web-based tool solves these issues by allowing project managers and their team members to access project information from any browser in the world, at any time of the day. The project information is centralized in one database and posted in real-time, assuring that all project members and executive management can view the most recent information about the project.

  • Mismanaged Resource

Project teams often complain that they do not have up-to-date or accurate information about their resources and what project are they working on. Many project teams have more demand for projects than they have less team members to execute the projects. Project teams solve this challenge with a combination of meetings and either Excel or Microsoft Project.

Teams without centralized project management software  often talk about using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage workloads. Yet many state that it is a cumbersome exercise. Project manager’s benefit from leveling a single project in Microsoft Project or Microsoft excel. However, the project managers utilizing desktop applications may have a challenging time understanding how much work each resource has been allocated to across all projects.

  • Spending too much time in status meetings.

The project team members are complaining about spending too much time in meetings to update project status. There is no solution is ever going to replace the need for human communication and meetings. However, project team’s talk about wasting too much time in meetings where everyone goes around the room and updates the project manager on his/her tasks. This is a traditional way to getting status updates.

A web-based Project planning platform  permits each team member to report back on project tasks and activities throughout their working day instead of relying on status meetings or asking each individual for an update. The beauty of the web-based platform is that each team member is empowered to report back on his or her tasks, pushing the responsibility back where it belongs, to the team member.

Naturally, there are much more project management challenges than stated here, but a complete web-based project management software has the advantage of storing all projects, all resources and their assignments in one centralized place.